Recognizing obesity, a new leash on life

Garfield has been one of America’s favorite cartoon characters for years. After many years of eating lasagna even Garfield’s veterinarian has diagnosed him as an obese patient.

What about your pet? Many pet parents are offended when a veterinarian suggests that their pet may be obese. Why shouldn’t they be? Pet parents put their heart and souls into feeding their fur babies the best that money can buy. It’s part of the veterinarian’s responsibility to talk to pet parents about obesity. Obesity can shorten the life spans and result in secondary diseases such as arthritis, kidney disease, some forms of cancer, and high blood pressure. By keeping our fur family members fit and trim sometimes we can avoid these secondary diseases.

What if my pet is already obese? A veterinarian can help create a weight loss plan for cats and dogs. This might include portion control, a diet change, exercise, and investigation into other causes of weight gain.

The healthier we keep our fur family, the longer we will have time to enjoy their company.


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